Apple mousse «Breath of autumn»

Apple mousse Breath of autumn

For the mousse, we need:
-600 G of apples (about 6-7 pieces);
1/2 cup sugar (glass of 200 grams);
-2 Glasses of water;
-2 Tablespoons gelatin;
0.5 cups of cold boiled water;
-3-4 Sprigs of mint;

-10-15 Cherry berries (20-25 berries of black currant).

Mousse is prepared very quickly, and eaten immediately, having only just podzastyt.

1. Apples my carefully. With a sharp knife remove a thin rind.

2. 0.5 glass of cold boiled water soaked gelatine. While we engage in further preparation, it swells. I have it took about 15 minutes If you are afraid that this time is short — first soak the gelatin, and then proceed to the next steps.

3. 2 cups of water bring to a boil, pour to sugar, stir. We throw the peel of apples and mint sprigs, pre tearing them beautiful crown. Boil this kompotik 5-7 minutes.

Strain through a sieve. The resulting broth lay swollen gelatin and heat on low heat until gelatin is completely dissolved. Do not boil! If you can — Remove the street or on the balcony to cool rapidly, if not, then let cool down the room.

5. grated apples and slightly cooled gelatin solution is put into a container for whipping. Blender whisk until smooth.

4. Treated apples to three on a large grater.

If the mousse is two-tone, before grinding mass, it should be divided into 2 parts. In one of these add berries. I used thawed cherries. If blender is not present, this step can be skipped. But then it turns mousse with apple pieces, not so delicate and airy.

6. Now all this mass, beat with a mixer at high speed for 10 minutes. From this mousse sated air, and will look like a gentle cloud.

7. In kremanki decompose weight for mousse on a «Zebra» — in the middle, pour 1 tbsp pink mass, then 1 tablespoon white mass. And so on until the desired volume.

8. Put in the fridge to solidify. Depending on the gelatin dessert is ready in 40 minutes, a maximum of 1.5 hours.

That’s all. Delicate mousse «Autumn Breath» is ready. If you cook it in the summer, you name mousse «Summer chill». After heavy feasts or on hot summer days, as well as those who are watching their figures, and even small children — this dessert fits perfectly.

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