Cake Cheremuhovo

Cake Cheremuhovo

Dough: Boil 1 cup of milk, pour into it 1 cup sugar and 1 cup of ground bird cherry. Remove from heat, add 50 g sl.masla. The mixture was cool to warm. Then drive 2 eggs, add a teaspoon incomplete slaked soda and 1 cup flour. Dough get a little thinner than a pancake. 3 Bake the cake.

Cream: cream + sugar, whip. Recipe — 1 cup per cup. But I always sour «weighed out» on a cream, ie, suspended in cheesecloth to glass serum. Therefore, this cake, I took 2 cans of 400 g of 20% cream (ie 800 g), hung on the clock 5. The resulting clot whipped with a mixer with sugar glass incomplete. Cake put in to x-impregnation better at night. Decorating I am not a whale, so this has turned out:

Cake Cheremuhovo1

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