Cake «Snack Napoleon»

Very gentle, soft and incredibly delicious snack cake. However, there is one drawback … very quickly eaten …

Korzh take purchased and toppings you can put different.
1 cake — Boiled yaytsa- 3 pieces, chopped eggs, mix with mayonnaise sprinkled with green onions (you can with sour cream in half) put on the first cake.
Korzh- 2 1 Bank of fish oil (mash with a fork) to put on a greased cake
3 korzh- Cheese cheese with herbs and onions ( «VIOLA») + 1 egg + mayonnaise a little, put on the cake
4 korzh- Cheese «Creme Bonjour» with greens + 150 g sliced ​​salmon into small pieces, put on the cake mix
5 korzh- on a greased cake lay 3 eggs + green onions + mayonnaise
6 korzh- last, lubricate and decorate in their own request!
Post a soak in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours hours and has cutting bits incredibly soft, melting Napoleon!
Bon Appetit!

Cake Snack Napoleon

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