Casserole in pita

-5-6 Thin lavash (diameter about 30cm)
-750-800 Grams of cottage cheese (3 packs of 250 or 4 200 g)
-2 eggs
-1-2 Tbsp semolina
-4 Tablespoons Sahara
-10 G of vanilla sugar
-Izyum, Or candied fruit (optional)
-3 eggs
-1 Cup sour cream
-3-4 Tbsp Sahara

For the filling mix all the ingredients and put a thin layer on a pita.
Lavash roll tightly roll up and put into a form that greased and lightly sprinkled with semolina or breadcrumbs. Try to lay down plump pitas each other to fill not «run away» on the bottom of the form, and covers all our rolls.
Prepare fill — Beat all ingredients. Fill rolls and put in preheated oven (180 degrees) until browning (about 25-30 minutes).

Casserole in pita

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