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Biscuit in 3 minutes

Products: On 1 sponge cake -Yaytso 1 piece -Moloko 5 Art. l. -Rastitelnoe Oil 3 tbsp. l. -Kakao (For chocolate biscuit) 2 tbsp. l. -Vanilny Sugar (for white sponge) 10 g -Sahar 4 tbsp -Muka 3 tbsp. l. Starch 1 tbsp. l. -Razryhlitel 1 hour. L. Impregnation: -Vishnya Pitted — 300g -Smetana — 200 g […]

Milashina batter (super-express)

Ingredients: -1 Packet of dry yeast (11 grams) H -1. L. salt Article -2. l. Sahara -1 egg -250 Ml of warm milk -6 Item. l. vegetable oil -muki about 500g Turn the oven to 180 C and go kneading dough. The capacity of all at once: the egg, salt, sugar, yeast, warm milk — […]

Cupcake «Day and Night»

Ingredients: yaytso- 4 pcs. creamy oil- 100g. muka- Article 1.5. vanilla 1 tsp razryhlitel- 1.5 tsp 150 grams of sugar. cocoa poroshok- 2 tbsp For the glaze: Dairy shokolad- 150-200 gr. 3-4 tbsp butter oil- Preparation: 1. Prepare the biscuit dough. To this end, the softened butter with sugar. One to drive the eggs, beaten. […]

Biscuit in the hot milk

Ingredients: -120 Grams of milk, -60 G butter -165 Grams of flour weak (I had a regular) -6 G baking powder -165 G sugar -3 Medium-sized eggs at room temperature -1 Teaspoon vanilla extract or a bag of vanilla sugar (if the total amount of sugar to subtract the weight of vanilla) -schepotka salt (salt […]

Pudding curd in multivarka

Ingredients Eggs — 5 pcs Cottage cheese 11% — 500 grams Sour cream 15% fat — 100g Sugar — 1.5 multistakana Potato starch — 2 tablespoons Sugar Vanilla — 1 pack preparation I love cheese products and pastries all with their participation. Poet cook always something curd in multivarka. Latest Recipes became my pudding of […]

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