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Honey Cake Pchelkin house

Honey Cake Pchelkin house Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients800 g floursugar 180 ghoney 100gbutter 80gEggs 2 pcs.soda 2 tspCream:boiled condensed milk 1 cancream 30% 400 gcream 35% 150 ml2 tablespoons honey6.6.8 800 g flour sugar 180 g honey 100g butter 80g Eggs 2 pcs. soda 2 tsp Cream: boiled condensed milk 1 can cream 30% […]

Classic chocolate cake Prague

Classic chocolate cake Prague Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientscondensed milk 1/2 canseggs 3 pcs.1-1.5 cups of flour1 cup sour cream1 cup sugar2 tablespoons cocoasoda 1 tsp6.6.8 condensed milk 1/2 cans eggs 3 pcs. 1-1.5 cups of flour 1 cup sour cream 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa soda 1 tsp PREPARATION: Rub the sugar and […]

Layer Cake Millefeuille with mascarpone

Layer Cake Millefeuille with mascarpone Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientspuff pastry 250g100 g flourCream:mascarpone cheese 500gpowdered sugar 150 geggs (yolk) 3 pcs.vanilla sugar 1 packageberries6.6.8 puff pastry 250g 100 g flour Cream: mascarpone cheese 500g powdered sugar 150 g eggs (yolk) 3 pcs. vanilla sugar 1 package berries PREPARATION: puff pastry sheets roll up to […]

Cake Fairy honey cake

Cake Fairy honey cake Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientssugar 300 gbutter 80geggs 4 pcs.flour 5-6 cups4 tablespoons water4 tablespoons honeysoda 2 tspCream:800 g creamcream 33% 500 mlcondensed milk 200 gpowdered sugar 200 gvanillin6.6.8   sugar 300 g butter 80g eggs 4 pcs. flour 5-6 cups 4 tablespoons water 4 tablespoons honey soda 2 tsp Cream: […]

Cake Emerald Turtle without baking

Cake Emerald Turtle without baking Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients450-470 g of flourcondensed milk 1 canegg 1 pcs.1 tablespoon vinegarsoda 1 tspCream:500ml milkbutter 200gEggs 2 pcs.1 cup sugar2 tablespoons flourvanilla sugar 1 sachetfor decoration:kiwi6.6.8 450-470 g of flour condensed milk 1 can egg 1 pcs. 1 tablespoon vinegar soda 1 tsp Cream: 500ml milk butter […]

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