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Coconut cake with cream — very easy to prepare

Ingredients: 500 grams of yogurt 2 eggs 200g sugar 1 tsp soda vinegar extinguished 4 cups flour For filling: 100g sugar 2 cups coconut 1 packet of vanilla sugar 200 gr. low-fat cream Preparation: 1.Sovetuyut put in the oven on the bottom row, at 170-180 degrees 2.Zamesit batter, pour it into a mold. 3. For […]

Cake «Prague»

Test Preparation: mix 2 eggs 1 cup sour cream 1 cup sugar (I add a little less than a glass) 1 packet of vanilla sugar (or vanilla, about 0.5 teaspoons) 0.5 cans of condensed milk 1 teaspoon of baking soda, quenched in vinegar or lemon juice (I add 1ch.l. baking powder) 2 tsp cocoa (not […]

Cake «Napoleon» from the quick puff pastry with sour cream

Ingredients: DOUGH 2 st.muki, 200 c ff. oil 200 g sour cream, a pinch of salt. I take another half of this norm of all products — that once the cake was for dusting. Cream — is better suited here custard — tender and not greasy. Preparation: On board pour the flour, put the chilled […]

CAKE «Ekaterina»

Ingredients: For the dough: ● sour cream 300g ● sugar 250g ● 300g flour ● 3 eggs ● 1 hour .l. baking powder ● poppy 1 hour. L. ● handful of walnuts ● cocoa 4 h. L. Cream: ● 600-700gr cream ● sugar 150g ● melted chocolate for decoration. Preparation: Beat eggs with sugar, add […]

CAKE «Bee»

Ingredients: flour — 250 gr st.- 2-2.5. egg — 3 pieces. oil — 75 gr. sugar — 1 tbsp. honey — 4 tbsp Soda — 1 tsp (under the knife without slides). Heat the honey dipper in a soda. It is necessary to stir constantly! The more heat, the darker the honey weight. Remove from […]

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