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Casserole with chicken balls on a bed of rice and vegetables

Ingredients: 300 g chicken fillets 300 g of any frozen vegetables 1/2 cup kruglozernovogo rice (boiled until soft) 3 eggs 200 milk + 2 tablespoons 1 slice of stale white bread 1/2 onion 1 clove of garlic 1 tablespoon butter breadcrumbs 2-3 tbsp salt and pepper to taste Preparation: 1) white bread soaked in 2 […]

Gourmet Chicken Fillet

Ingredients: 2 chicken breast (fillet) 3-4 medium potatoes 2 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp mustard 3 zubochka crushed garlic (Through the masher) 150 g cream Salt pepper 100g mozzarella, grate 2 tbsp parmesan 100 grams of dried mushrooms (I had oyster mushrooms) Preparation: 1. Mix the mayonnaise, mustard and garlic. 2. Lightly beat off bacon between […]


Composition: -krylyshki -ketchup -pripravy -vegetable oil Take — wings — 30 pieces (because they themselves will eat and there will be no one so much). Washed, dried on a napkin. All … no salt no pepper is not necessary … In general, I do not need anything … Now the most important thing — take […]

Chicken breast, steamed with eggplant in cheese-sour cream sauce

Products: -2 Bulbs (300 ~ 400g) -2 Chicken breasts (~ 1kg200g) or fillets -1-1,5kg eggplant -250g cream -200g Melted cheese type «Yantar» (I «Hochland» bath) 1.5 tsp salt -1 Tsp paprika -perets black and red hot -vegetable oil Preparation: Onion finely chopped. With the chicken breasts to remove the skin and cut the bone. Cut […]

Lazy chops chicken breast

We need: -Kurinaya Breast (can be directly 2) -Yaytsa — 1 or 2 depending on the meat. -Smetana- Article 2.3. spoons, Mans cereals — Article 2.3. spoons, -Bolgarsky Pepper — 1 -Salt, -Spice, Butyric frying. For the preparation of meat dishes you must: 1. Cut the breast into small pieces (squares) 2. Take a large […]

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