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Juicy chicken in honey sauce with curry

Preparation: 1. thawed chicken and its three garlic, 2. In a separate bowl, mix 2 stol.l.meda 3 stol.lozhki soy sauce, chuuuut little water salt and 1.5-2 stol.l. curry, 3. coated with a chicken and give it all the time (if you have time, a few hours) 4. We spread the chicken in the arm […]

Stuffed baguette with chicken, cheese and mushrooms

Ingredients: Baguette — 2 pcs. Chicken fillet — 1 chicken breast Mushrooms — 200 g Tomato — 3 pieces. Onions — 1 pc. Greenery Sour cream — 250 g Cheese Salt pepper Preparation: 1. Finely chop the chicken, mushrooms and onions, fry them until ready to use vegetable oil, salt, pepper, add sour cream, bring […]

Lazy cake with peaches

Ingredients: ● 25g of gelatine ● 2 packs of cheese ● 1 Bank of condensed milk ● Canned or fresh peaches (you can take your favorite any favorite fruit, Preparation: 1. Gelatine mix with a glass of cold boiled water. Heat over low heat until dissolved. 2. Mix cottage cheese with condensed milk until smooth. […]

Chicken, baked in the oven

Ingredients 1. Chicken ~ 1.5 kg, 2. The oil drain. — 70 g 3. Sour cream — 2 st.lzh, 4. Saffron hammer (or turmeric) -. 0.5 ch.lzh., 5. Garlic — 4 cloves, 6. Zest of lemon — 3 ch.lzh., 7. Pepper pods. acute (7-8 cm) — 1 pcs. 8. Sea salt, fine — to taste. […]

Casserole with chicken and vegetables

Composition of the product: -500gr. chicken -1 Cup of cooked rice -1 Bank of canned corn -400gr. bell pepper -500ml. sour cream -2 bulbs -200gr. hard cheese -200gr. carrots -hydrochloric, Ground pepper -Sunflower oil Preparation: Finely chop the chicken, cleaned of seeds of sweet pepper cut into cubes. On a coarse grater rub the carrot, […]

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