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Chicken in pepper

Ingredients: Bulgarian pepper (large) — 4-5 pieces. Smoked whole leg — 1 pc. Mushrooms — 300 g Tomatoes — 2 pcs. Carrots — 1 pc. Onions — 2 pcs. Hard cheese — 100-150 grams Dill, spices, salt and pepper to taste Vegetable oil for greasing Preparation: 1. Peppers cut in half so that each half […]

Potato roll with chicken and mushrooms

Ingredients: 200 g of chicken; 250-300 g of fresh mushrooms I mushrooms; 2 medium onions; 1 is not a big carrot 2 cups of flour; parsley, dill; 7-8 medium potatoes; three eggs (two — in the dough, one — for greasing); a little vegetable oil, salt to taste; tablespoon butter; cumin seeds, sesame seeds. Preparation: […]

Chicken fillet in batter

Ingredients: Chicken fillet 500g; Salt to taste; Pepper to taste; Vegetable oil for frying; Rosemary sprig; Garlic 1 clove; Corn flour 2 tbsp .; Egg 2 pieces; Milk is optional; Preparation: 1. Chicken fillet wash, pat dry with a towel, cut into oblong slices, salt and pepper on both sides. 2. Preparation of the batter. […]

Dietary chocolate cheesecake

Ingredients: Fat cottage cheese — 400 g; Milk 1% fat — 100 g; Honey bee — 20 g; Edible gelatine — 15 g; Cocoa powder — 50 g; Cooking method: 15 g of gelatin to soak a glass of water 30 minutes. Then drain the water from the swollen gelatin (if he stays). Put on […]

Chicken marinated in yogurt, baked potatoes with herbs and garlic

Ingredients: — yogurt — Chicken thighs — potatoes — grass — salt pepper — garlic — tomatoes Preparation: First of all do the marinade. Finely cut the garlic, add it to yogurt, salt, pepper and add the herbs. Hips pickle within 20-25 minutes. Potatoes are clean, cut slices. We put it in a baking dish, […]

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