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Muffins with cranberries on the cream

Muffins with cranberries on the cream Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientsbutter 90gEggs 2 pcs.2.5 cups flourdried cranberries 1 cup1 cup sugar1 cup water3/4 cup sour cream1/2 cup milk2 tsp baking powder6.6.8 butter 90g Eggs 2 pcs. 2.5 cups flour dried cranberries 1 cup 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 3/4 cup sour cream 1/2 cup […]

Dessert Banana delight in chocolate

Dessert Banana delight in chocolate Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients50 g of chocolateBananas 2 pcs.paste chocolatenuts6.6.8 50 g of chocolate Bananas 2 pcs. paste chocolate nuts PREPARATION: Peel the bananas, cut into three parts. With the help of the tube from a cocktail carefully remove the middle. Bottom banana dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkle […]

Ice cream with cream at home

Ice cream with cream at home Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients500ml milkcream 35% 300 mlsugar 150 geggs (yolk) 3 pcs.6.6.8 500ml milk cream 35% 300 ml sugar 150 g eggs (yolk) 3 pcs. PREPARATION: Bring the milk to a boil, cool it. Beat the yolks and sugar, pour a little milk, pour the mixture into […]

A simple cake with curd

A simple cake with curd Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients200g margarineegg 1 pcs.3 cups floursugar 3/4 cupsodasaltFor filling:500 g of the curdEggs 2 pcs.sugar 1/2 cupstarch 2 tsp6.6.8 200g margarine egg 1 pcs. 3 cups flour sugar 3/4 cup soda salt For filling: 500 g of the curd Eggs 2 pcs. sugar 1/2 cup starch […]

Light sour cream mousse

Light sour cream mousse Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients200 g creamwater 150 graspberry jelly 1 package6.6.8 200 g cream water 150 g raspberry jelly 1 package PREPARATION: The contents of the bag raspberry jelly dissolve in boiling water, cool to 40 degrees, beat with a mixer, add the sour cream. Weight should be lush, with […]

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