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Cottage cheese casserole «Ice Cream»

Casserole is easy to prepare, eat better cold because it becomes similar to ice cream — it is unreal tasty! For the dough: 100g plums. oil, 2 stack. flour. Filling: 500 grams of cheese (preferably fatter), 3 eggs, 1 stack. sugar, vanilla, 0.5 tsp soda (not extinguish). * Chop finely and mix the butter with […]

Coconut cake with cream — very easy to prepare

Ingredients: 500 grams of yogurt 2 eggs 200g sugar 1 tsp soda vinegar extinguished 4 cups flour For filling: 100g sugar 2 cups coconut 1 packet of vanilla sugar 200 gr. low-fat cream Preparation: 1.Sovetuyut put in the oven on the bottom row, at 170-180 degrees 2.Zamesit batter, pour it into a mold. 3. For […]


Ingredients: -500 G roasted peanuts, -1 Packet of powdered infant «Baby» mixture (350 g) -3 Cups of sugar, -1 Cup of milk, -3 Art. tablespoons cocoa Cooking method Carefully open the packet of milk formula, do not throw the packaging, it is more useful to us. Dry milk mixture to mix with roasted peanuts. Separately, […]


You will need. Eggs 2 pcs., 1 cup sugar, 1 cup sour cream, butter, 1 tbsp. spoon, baking powder 1 h. spoon flour 2 cups, apples, apricots. Apples cut into slices, and apricots are divided into 2 halves and lightly sprinkle with sugar. Leave on for half an hour. * The eggs with sugar, add […]

CAKE «Bee»

Ingredients: flour — 250 gr st.- 2-2.5. egg — 3 pieces. oil — 75 gr. sugar — 1 tbsp. honey — 4 tbsp Soda — 1 tsp (under the knife without slides). Heat the honey dipper in a soda. It is necessary to stir constantly! The more heat, the darker the honey weight. Remove from […]

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