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Pie with a fish

Ingredients: Salmon or Trout salted The dough is flaky yeast eggs Onions (green can) Figure (a glass) Preparation: 1. In the form laid bumagudlya oven and rub butter 2. Roll out two sheets of dough. 3. Clean the fish from the skin if it is necessary to remove the bones with tweezers. 4. shinkuem onion. […]

Baked carp stuffed with sauerkraut

Ingredients: 1 kg of fish, 2-3 cups sauerkraut, 1 head of onions, 3 pea-sized black and allspice, Article 1.5. tablespoons butter, 1 cup sour cream, 2 egg yolks, 1 tbsp. Spoon flour, 1.5 Art. grated cheese and bread crumbs; salt, sugar to taste. Preparation: Fold in the pan wrung from brine sauerkraut, finely chopped onion, […]

Fish baked in pita bread

Ingredients: ● fish carcass — 1 pc. ● lavash Armenian thin — 2-3 leaves (depending on size) ● Butter — about 100 grams. ● Tomato — 1 piece. ● dill (fresh or dry) — to taste. ● salt, pepper, spices — to taste Preparation: 1. Prepare the fish: remove the film on the abdomen, cut […]

Braised fish in wine sauce

800 g of fish red wine 120 g water 120ml onions 80 g 20 g of garlic 20 g greens 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 tablespoons flour salt PREPARATION: 1 Clean the fish and throw the entrails, cut into medium-sized pieces, sprinkle with salt, breaded in flour and fry. Put the chopped onion, garlic, pepper, […]

Salmon fillet with cheese

500g salmon fillets hard cheese 17% 40 g 1/2 lemon pieces. parsley 2 tbsp ground black pepper salt PREPARATION: Grate 1 low-fat cheese on a fine grater. Chop the parsley. The ingredients are mixed, add salt, pepper, lime juice and zest. Salmon fillets cut into portions, put on a baking sheet, skin should be at […]

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