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Delicate fish under bechamel sauce

Delicate fish under bechamel sauce Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientsfish fillets 400 ghard cheese 100gpotatoes 3 pc.ground black peppersaltfor the sauce:250ml milkbutter 100g1 tablespoon floursalt6.6.8 fish fillets 400 g hard cheese 100g potatoes 3 pc. ground black pepper salt for the sauce: 250ml milk butter 100g 1 tablespoon flour salt PREPARATION: First, you need to […]

Jellied pike with vegetables

Jellied pike with vegetables Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientsfillet of pike 1.2 kgwater 250mlpepper black pepper 10 pcs.pepper white pepper 10 pieces.carrots 2 pcs.parsley root 1/2 pcs.1/2 celery root pieces.onion 1 clove5 tablespoons gelatin1 tablespoon lemon juicesalt6.6.8 fillet of pike 1.2 kg water 250ml pepper black pepper 10 pcs. pepper white pepper 10 pieces. carrots […]

Fish cutlets Chestnuts Pike

Fish cutlets Chestnuts Pike Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients900 g fillet of pikeloaf 100geggs (protein) 1 pc.20% cream 1/2 cup1/2 cup milkonion 1 clove2 tablespoons butter1 tablespoon saltground white pepperFor filling:shrimp 2 tbsp1/4 onion headground black pepperbutterdillsaltfor breading:loaf 200gegg 1 pcs.2 tablespoons flour6.6.8 900 g fillet of pike loaf 100g eggs (protein) 1 pc. 20% […]

Simple sandwich with tuna

Simple sandwich with tuna Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientstuna in its own juice 280 gred onion lettuce 1/4 headground black pepper 1/2 tsplemon peel 1/2 teaspoonmustard 1/2 tspcelerymayonnaisedillsalt6.6.8 tuna in its own juice 280 g red onion lettuce 1/4 head ground black pepper 1/2 tsp lemon peel 1/2 teaspoon mustard 1/2 tsp celery mayonnaise dill […]

Home sprats in onion skins

Home sprats in onion skins Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients600 g capelinvegetable oil 100 gbay leaf 7 pepper peas 5 pcs.tea (bag) 3 pcs.bouillon cube 1 pc.1 tsp liquid smokegarlic 2 clovespeel onion 1 handfulsalt6.6.8 600 g capelin vegetable oil 100 g bay leaf 7 pcs. black pepper peas 5 pcs. tea (bag) 3 […]

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