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vegetable stew with meatballs

Ingredients: Meatballs: -farsh beef — 500 gr. -luk onions — 1 units. -yaytso — 1 units. -panirovochnye crackers — 50 gr. -water — 50 ml. -hydrochloric — 1 — 1.5 tsp, -perets black freshly ground — to taste -muka — for breading meatballs. butyric cooking — frying meatballs Vegetable stew: -luk onions — 1 units. […]

Pork ribs in the oven

00 g ribs (pork ribs thoroughly wash, dry, salt, divide them into pieces while cooking) 1/2 onion (cut into half rings) 2 cloves of garlic (finely chop) 1 tsp honey tomato paste (small jar «Pomidorka») 1 tsp Dijon mustard seasonings (all little by little to the taste of brightness) tarragon, black pepper, red pepper, cumin, […]

Delicate stewed pork ribs

Ingredients: pork ribs, salt, pepper To apply: sweet chili sauce or barbecue sauce Preheat oven to 135 °. Ribs wash and dry. White film on the edges gently pry the blunt side of a knife and remove. Season the ribs on both sides with salt and pepper. Place the meat in a baking dish, if […]

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