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pita Minced raw — 500g Carrots — 1 pc. Onions — 1 pc. Tomato — 2 pcs. Cheese — 150 g Greenery Eggs — 3 pcs. Mayonnaise or sour cream Preparation: 1. Spread pita bread, sour cream lubricates, then stuffing (it add onion + carrot + tomato + salt + spices), on top of herbs, […]

Baked ribs with pomegranate sauce

Ingredients: -1 Kg pork rёbryshek, 100 g pomegranate sauce -2 Garlic cloves, -¼ Hours. L. ground paprika, -Green (for decoration) -ovoschi (for decoration) -hydrochloric to taste. Preparation: Ribs rinse well and dry. Make small incisions with each edge. Thin slices of peeled garlic stick to cuts. Good fluff pomegranate sauce and leave in the refrigerator […]

pie with meat

we need to test: -1 Kg of flour, -50 G of vegetable oil, -20 G of the salt -20 G of sugar, -20 G of fresh yeast (dry or — then 5 g) -450 G of water. Fresh yeast dissolved in warm water. Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough thoroughly. While the dough […]

Pork ribs in a spicy soy-mustard marinade

Ingredients: Pork ribs — 1 kg Soy sauce — 4 tablespoons. l. Tomato paste — 1.5 tsp.. Mustard — 2 tbsp. l. Paprika (ground), ground black pepper -. For ½ tsp. Garlic — 2 cloves Seasoning «Curry» — 1 tsp.. Rosemary, thyme, salt -. By ¼ tsp. Preparation: Ribs wash, dry, cut along the bones, […]

Baked ham, baked in a sleeve with rustic potatoes.

Ingredients and preparation: The well-known case, a big piece of grilled meat — decoration of any holiday table. Ways to cook the meat in one piece — set. And from what to cook, lack of options. I bought ham 4 kg and asked the butcher to remove the bone. House divided into two parts. Meat […]

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