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Pie Mannik

Ingredients: 1 cup flour Munk 1 cup 1 cup yogurt Sugar glass part Butter 100g. Egg 2 pc. Soda 0.5 tsp Preparation: A glass of semolina pour yogurt. Mix well and leave to swell semolina, about 40 minutes. Adding to the swollen yogurt semolina eggs, sugar and softened at room temperature butter. All mix thoroughly […]

Apple pie without eggs

We need: 1 cup flour 1 cup semolina 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of yogurt 0.5 cups of melted butter or vegetable oil. salt 1 teaspoon baking soda vanilla Sour apples, 3-5 pieces depending on how you prefer Cut apples rather large pieces, pour into a greased form. Mix the sifted flour with the […]

Cake with strawberries

Ingredients: Softened butter — 100 g Sugar — 1 cup Vanilla sugar — 10 g Chicken Eggs — 2 pcs. Yogurt — 1 cup 1.5 cups flour Baking powder — 1.5 tsp.. Strawberry — 150g Preparation: 1. Prepare the dough. Butter with sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the eggs, whisking after each addition. Pour the […]

Pie with green onions, chicken and cheese crust

Ingredients: -Green Onions — 200 g -Yaytsa Chicken — 3 pieces. -Smetana — 150 g -Muka — 1 cup -Kurinaya Boiled breast — 150 g -The Raw material of solid — 70 g -Razryhlitel — 1.5 tsp.. -Soda — Pinch -hydrochloric — 0.5 tsp.. Preparation: 1. Green onions chop with a knife. 2. Boiled chicken […]

Raspberry cake with white chocolate

Ingredients: Dough: 100g flour 100g ground almonds 100g butter sugar 50g 1 egg half a vanilla pod, seeds Filling: 200g white chocolate 300g of cream (10-20%) 4 egg yolks raspberries 250g the seeds of the vanilla pod, if the chocolate without vanillin Preparation: 1. To fold the dough in cold combine butter, flour, almonds, sugar. […]

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