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pies with curd

pies with curd Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientsbutter 200gegg 1 pcs.3 cups flour3 tablespoons vegetable oil6% vinegar 2 tbsp1 pinch of saltFor filling:9% curd 500gEggs 2 pcs.1 bunch green onions1 bunch dillsalt6.6.8 butter 200g egg 1 pcs. 3 cups flour 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 6% vinegar 2 tbsp 1 pinch of salt For filling: 9% […]

Pie «Makovnik» with jam

Pie “Makovnik” with jam Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients350ml milk300 g floursugar 200 g150 g ground poppy10 g vanillinegg 1 pcs.powdered sugarjamsoda6.6.8 350ml milk 300 g flour sugar 200 g 150 g ground poppy 10 g vanillin egg 1 pcs. powdered sugar jam soda PREPARATION: Mix the grated zest of one lemon, ground poppy seeds, […]

Pie of beets with walnuts

Pie of beets with walnuts Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients300 g of beetwalnuts 250gsugar 160 gpowdered sugar 100g60 g flourbutter 10glemon juice 10 ml10 g of cocoa5 g baking powdereggs 4 pcs.1/4 tsp salt6.6.8 300 g of beet walnuts 250g sugar 160 g powdered sugar 100g 60 g flour butter 10g lemon juice 10 ml […]

Quick puff pastry pie with apples

Quick puff pastry pie with apples Save Recipe Print Recipe IngredientsApples 3-4 units.lemon (zest) 1pc.puff pastrysugar6.6.8 Apples 3-4 units. lemon (zest) 1 pc. puff pastry sugar PREPARATION: Clear apple from the skin and core, cut into thin slices, sprinkle with sugar, grated zest and leave for a few minutes to soak. Apples should give the […]

Flat cake with an apple

Flat cake with an apple Save Recipe Print Recipe IngredientsApples 5 pcs.Lemon 1 pc.1 tablespoon powdered sugarpuff pastry low-caloriecinnamon6.6.8 Apples 5 pcs. Lemon 1 pc. 1 tablespoon powdered sugar puff pastry low-calorie cinnamon PREPARATION: Ready to roll out the puff pastry into a circle with a diameter of 35 cm. Put on the laid paper […]

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