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Potato pizza

Ingredients: Potatoes — 7 pcs. Onions — 2 pcs. Tomato — 2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc. Meats — 300 g Cheese — 250 g Eggs — 3 pcs. Milk — 100 ml. Salt and pepper to taste Preparation: 1. Clean and cut into thin circles the potatoes, put on a lightly greased baking […]

A layered pizza with smoked sausage

Thawed dough and rolling pin gently unroll it. Next mode into squares, put stuffing and fold into triangles, and we press the edges with a fork) Filling: Smoked sausage (cut into cubes) cheese (on a grater) clove of garlic… All this as a salad mix))) Before baking grease egg, and bake at 200-220 degrees for […]

Pizza on thin crispy dough. Easier to nowhere!)))

Having tried a great number of types of pizza dough! But this nothing compares. The dough is easy and quick to prepare. The result will impress both you and your guests)) Further listed favorite toppings. As a result, today three pizzas were cooked, I hope the test description and the filling is understandable))) So. Dough: […]

Dietary squash pizza

Ingredients: Courgettes — 1 kg hard cheese — 50 g Flour — 50 g Tomatoes — 3 pieces. Chicken Eggs — 2 pcs. Chicken breast — 1 pc. Carrots — 1 pc. Milk — 1/4 cup Onions — 1 head Garlic — 2 cloves Green -by taste Preparation: 1. Chop the zucchini rings averages dip […]

Pizza «Holiday» with sausage

400 g flour 1 cup milk 4 tablespoons vegetable oil 3/4 tablespoon dry yeast salt For filling: sausage cooked 300 g hard cheese 200 g Tomatoes 2 pc. onion 1 clove butter mayonnaise ketchup PREPARATION: 1 Dissolve the yeast in warm milk, put the butter, pour the flour and salt. Knead the dough. To the […]

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