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Salad «Parizhel»

Ingredients: Smoked whole leg (remove the peel and remove the bones) 1 cucumber (remove the peel) 1 tomato 1 sweet pepper 2-3 tablespoons canned corn 1 tablespoon mayonnaise Salt and pepper — to taste Dill Recipe Salad «Parizhel»: First you need to chop the cucumbers into thin strips, add to the salad bowl. Then fillet […]

salad with cherry tomatoes and prawns

Products: 0.5 kg of boiled peeled shrimp 10 cherry tomatoes 1 small bunch of green salad 2 fresh cucumber 200 g of crab sticks little dill a few cloves of garlic cream for the filling, black pepper powder, salt How to prepare salad: Cucumber peel and finely we will cut a pretty straw. Mix the […]

Salad «Tsvetik — Semitsvetik»

You will need:Korean carrots 250g;2 cucumbers; 2 tomatoes;parsley; dill;green onions;150g of hard cheese;beef «St. Michael» 250g;mayonnaise to taste.Mix all ingredients, season with mayonnaise.Bon Appetit!

Salad «Metropolitan»

Ingredients: Boiled or fried poultry meat — 60 grams Boiled potatoes — 60 g Cucumbers salted or pickled — 40 g A bunch of green salad Egg — 1 pc. Olives pitted — 10 g Mayonnaise — 70 g Preparation: Cooked meat, potatoes, cucumbers and eggs cut into cubes of medium size. The leaves are […]

Hearty salad with chicken and cheese for dinner

Ingredients: Tomatoes — 2-3 pcs. Chicken breast — 500 g Cheese durum — 150 g Red beans is one of the bank Green salad Crackers For the dressing can take light mayonnaise or sour cream Preparation: 1. Tomatoes, lettuce finely chopped. Three cheese on a grater. 2 chicken breasts cut into small pieces and simmer […]

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