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Salad with chicken and walnuts

Salad with chicken and walnuts Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientschicken fillet 500gmushrooms 300ghard cheese 200 gwalnuts 100ggarlic 2 clovesRefills:mayonnaisesalt6.6.8 chicken fillet 500g mushrooms 300g hard cheese 200 g walnuts 100g garlic 2 cloves Refills: mayonnaise salt PREPARATION: Boil the chicken in salted water with a bay leaf. Cool and chop. Grate cheese, chop and fry […]

Salad Delicious with croutons

Salad Delicious with croutons Save Recipe Print Recipe IngredientsCanned white beans 200gCanned corn 200gsausage cooked 150g150 g of mayonnaisehard cheese 100gcrackers 40 gCucumbers 2 pcs.garlic 2 clovesground black peppergreen onionsalt6.6.8 Canned white beans 200g Canned corn 200g sausage cooked 150g 150 g of mayonnaise hard cheese 100g crackers 40 g Cucumbers 2 pcs. garlic 2 […]

Meat Salad Pinery

Meat Salad Pinery Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients400 g of meatpickled mushrooms 200gpotatoes 6 pc.Eggs 5 pcs.onion 1 clovemayonnaise6.6.8 400 g of meat pickled mushrooms 200g potatoes 6 pc. Eggs 5 pcs. onion 1 clove mayonnaise PREPARATION: To prepare salad «Pinery» Boil the potatoes in their skins. Then peel and cut into small cubes. Meat […]

Salad Alex with chicken breast

Salad Alex with chicken breast Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientschicken breast 200gmushrooms 100g50 g hard cheeseTomatoes 1 pc.onion 1 clovegarlic 2 cloves6.6.8 chicken breast 200g mushrooms 100g 50 g hard cheese Tomatoes 1 pc. onion 1 clove garlic 2 cloves PREPARATION: To prepare salad «Alex» is necessary to boil or chicken breast, mushrooms and fry […]

Easy Chicken salad with mushrooms

PREPARATION: Cut the mushrooms plates. Peel and chop the onion. Fry in a skillet, cool. Smoked chicken breast and cucumber cut into fine strips, chop the greens. Boil eggs, peel and grate. Spread in layers in a salad bowl: chicken, cucumber, onion and mushrooms, herbs and eggs. A little fluff layers dressing (mayonnaise or sour […]

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