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Salad with brine

Ingredients: Potatoes 6 pcs., Carrots, 6 pcs., Beet 3 pcs., Green peas 1 ban., Pickled cucumber 5 pc., Onions 1 piece., Green onions 100 g, 240 g of herring fillets, mayonnaise, Egg 4 pcs., Salt Potatoes, carrots, beets wash and boil, cool and cut into cubes. I have cooked peeled and diced vegetables steamed in […]

Swedish Summer Salad

Ingredients: Potatoes in their jackets 4 pcs. 1 small cucumber Egg 2 pc. Red caviar 2 tbsp. l. Smetana 4 tbsp. l. (If you use sour cream 30-42%, the cheese can not be added) Ricotta (or any cheese / cream cheese) 4 tbsp. l. Dill Green onion Salt to taste Black pepper to taste Lemon […]

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