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liver loaf

Ingredients: — 1 kg beef liver — 2 pcs. onions — 2 carrots — 150 g butter — Salt and pepper — to taste Liver wash well under cold water. Clear from the films with a sharp knife to cut the ducts. Cut into small pieces. Fold in the pan, pour the cold water and […]

Meat cake

Ingredients: 1 kilo of minced chicken (better if you cook it yourself) 0.5 kilograms of potatoes 1 head of onions 2 tablespoons semolina (with slide) 4 chicken eggs Vegetable oil, Butter Pepper, salt and seasonings For cream you need these ingredients: 4 cloves garlic 250 grams favorite mayonnaise Preparation: So, for making this a uniquely […]

Potatoes baked in Swiss

Ingredients: — 14-18 pcs potatoes — 300 g of cheese — 1-2 cups of milk or cream — salt — pepper Preparation: 1. Potato tubers notch, leaving 1 cm thick base, so as to obtain thin slices. 2. Put the potatoes in a baking dish, season with salt and pepper. 3. Pour in the cream […]

Fast dish on the second — meat fritters

Ingredients: — 1 liter of yogurt — Chicken eggs 2 pcs. — 1 pinch of baking soda (on the tip of a knife) — 1 cup flour — Salt, sugar to taste — Minced meat 400g Preparation: 1. In the yogurt add the eggs and baking soda on the tip of a knife. Stir whisk. […]

Envelopes with cheese and herbs

Ingredients: For the dough: ● 1 cup yogurt ● 2 cups flour ● pinch of salt ● sugar to taste (I put 1 tsp) ● butter for greasing Filling: ● grated cheese ● greens ● raw egg ● salt (optional). Preparation: Knead elastic dough from the yogurt, flour, salt and sugar. Put for 40 minutes […]

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