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Potato sticks with cheese

To prepare the potato sticks you will need: 7 medium boiled potatoes; 2 eggs; 100 grams of bread crumbs; 100 g of hard cheese; 2-3 tbsp. l flour; cooking oil (frying); spice mix mango curry *, black pepper, salt — to taste. You can add your favorite spices to taste! Preparation: Boil potatoes in their […]

Very fast Casserole

Ingredients: chopped meat package of any frozen vegetable sour cream or mayonnaise cheese salt, spices Preparation: 1. At the bottom of the form put stuffing his pre-salt and pepper. 2. All freeze it from the package. 3. Pour sour cream or mayonnaise and grated cheese on top to fall asleep. 4. If you have time, […]

CHICKEN SAUSAGE. Delicious! Try it!

Ingredients: ● 500g of chicken meat (I had chicken) ● 3 cloves garlic, ● 200 ml cream, ● 2 egg whites, ● 1 tsp salt ● 1 tsp sweet ground paprika, ● ground black pepper ● spices and herbs to taste. Preparation: Chicken meat pass through myasorubku.Chesnok chop and add to the chicken farsh.Zatem add […]

Sausages in the test

Ingredients: 6-8 pieces 6-8 sausages 200 ml. warm milk 30 oz. butter 1 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil 1 egg 1 h. Spoon of sugar 0.5 h. Spoons of salt 1 h. Spoon with a hill of dry yeast 2-2.5 cups of flour Preparation: In the warm milk dissolve yeast and sugar until set aside. Melt […]

Pie with a fish

Ingredients: Salmon or Trout salted The dough is flaky yeast eggs Onions (green can) Figure (a glass) Preparation: 1. In the form laid bumagudlya oven and rub butter 2. Roll out two sheets of dough. 3. Clean the fish from the skin if it is necessary to remove the bones with tweezers. 4. shinkuem onion. […]

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