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Boats from zucchini with meat

Ingredients: 1 medium zucchini young 100 gr. minced meat 1 tomato 70 gr. cheese parsley, salt, ground pepper to taste 1 clove of garlic Preparation: 1. Tavern Wash, dry, brush is not necessary, cut lengthwise into 2 equal parts, then each of the halves of the spoon carefully remove the pulp, leaving not too thick […]

Konkiloni with minced chicken

What do you need: -konkiloni (pasta in large shell) 100 g -kuriny farsh300 g -tomaty in its own juice (sliced) 250g g-solid syr50 -slivochnoe maslo10 g -lukovitsa1 pieces. -tomatnaya pasta2 Art. l. -Brown sugar demrara1 Art. l. -sushenye basil and parsley -hydrochloric, freshly ground black pepper -olive oil What to do: «Shells» boil in salted […]

Pita bread with cheese

Ingredients: — 2-3 thin lavash — 3 eggs 1 for lubrication — 400-500 g suluguni — 150 grams of Gouda cheese — yogurt — Sauce «Garlic» — greenery — Freshly ground black pepper Preparation: Three cheese on a grater, whisk 3 eggs lightly, add the sauce and yogurt. Mix. Add the herbs and pour in […]

Step by step recipe lazy dumplings with cottage cheese

Ingredients: fat cottage cheese 500g I have a 9% can be fatter or home fresh eggs 2 pc white sugar 2 tbsp. l. to taste 2-3 tbsp. l. Salt 1 h. L. butter 3 tbsp. l. white flour 1 stack. Sour cream to taste Preparation: 1. Curd grind through a sieve or grind in a […]

Stuffed pancakes

Ingredients: Raw potatoes Pre-fried minced Bulb onions Egg Flour Salt, pepper, spices Preparation: 1.Nateret on a coarse grater potatoes, drain the excess water. 2.Add egg, salt, pepper and stir. 3.Myasnoy stuffing mix with finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and spices. 4. From the potato mass to form small flat round cakes. 5.Polozhit beef between the […]

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