Chicken liver in Italian

Chicken liver in Italian

All the products take on the eye. I will write only about.
-pecheni I had 800 grams,
-1 Large onion (my son is not very fan of onions, so I had a little shoe, but I feel it is direct, as it would be delicious when many onions)

— 100 g of 10% cream, but they were not the original (just some water can be added to make it more dips for garnish)
-3 Garlic cloves,
-2-3 Fresh tomatoes (I think you can or frozen)
-100 G of cheese (mozzarella from the author, plus the usual cheese, mozzarella but as we have, and there is no trace, then took the remains of the Russian cheese from the refrigerator).
In a frying pan pour a little vegetable oil, heat. Onions cut as you like, you want small, want big. Lightly fry it in butter. Then add the chicken livers and fry together so that the liver from all sides only changed color.
We spread gras with onion in a refractory form. Add salt to taste, pepper. I used my favorite Adygei salt. Squeeze out garlic, pour the cream.
Above lay the tomatoes, cut into slices. Synulya did my fair zamechanie- denser packed tomatoes, the juicier the liver. I had put half a tomato, but the next time less often 2-3. Top with salt and sprinkle with grated cheese (abundantly so juicy).
Pechёnochku send in the oven. And as soon as the cheese is a good dish is ready rasplavitsya-

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