Coffee and chocolate ice cream

Coffee and chocolate ice cream

• egg yolk — 3 pieces
• Brown sugar can be normal white (120g syrup, 70g in the glaze) — 190 g
• The cream (fat content of not less than 33%, 200g in cream, 50g icing in) — 250 g
• Instant coffee -. 3 tsp.
• Cocoa powder (10g in ice cream, 20g icing at) — 30 g
• Gelatin (sheets) — 5 g

• Water (50g syrup, glaze 60g, 10g coffee) — 120 g
• Almonds (chopped) — 25 g

Prepare coffee filler. Take 10g of hot boiled water (better — boiled coffee) and interfere with 3 teaspoons of instant coffee.

Beat the egg yolks with a mixer until light and fluffy state.
Pour 120g of sugar in a saucepan, add 50g of water and boil until the syrup sample to «ball» (check the drop in a glass of cold water).
A thin stream pour the hot syrup into the beaten egg yolks. Liem under running mixer beaters! Without stopping, stir the mixture to cool down!
Postpone 1/3 mixture in a separate container and add to it 10 g of cocoa powder. Mix until smooth.
The remaining 2/3 of the mixture interferes with coffee.

Beat well chilled cream.
1/3 of the cream gently intervenes in syrup with cacao. 2/3 of the cream as well carefully with a spoon, to intervene in the coffee syrup.
We spread the coffee and chocolate ice cream in the ice-cream bowls, shape or container, alternating layers to your liking, and send in the freezer for 3-4 hours (or overnight)
In general, after freezing, the ice cream is quite ready for consumption.

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