Cottage cheese souffle

Cottage cheese souffle

need for a souffle:
-350 Gr. fat-free yogurt;
-150 Gr. 9-12% fat cottage cheese;
-3 Tablespoons rolled oats (oatmeal or finished);
-2 Tsp corn starch;
-2 eggs;
1.5 tablespoons Sahara;
-a pinch of salt;
-apelsinovaya or lemon peel (optional).

1. Oatmeal grind into flour.
2. Low-fat and fat cottage cheese thoroughly. I tried to cook a souffle and a cheesecake and simply skim cottage cheese, but the taste is not very. By itself, the curd is rich in protein, very tasty and healthy. But it does not melt during baking, as bold, some watery becomes unpalatable. So I come to this option, which did not disappoint.
3. To pour the flour cottage cheese and all other products: eggs, sugar, starch, salt, vanilla. Thoroughly beat with a mixer. In fact, you can simply mix with a fork, will anyway tasty. But if a little beat up, you get more air mass.
4. Silicone molds for cakes or cookies rinse water. Put cottage cheese weight, smooth. Place in preheated oven and bake at 160-170 degrees until browning. I souffle bake 25 minutes, then I turned on the grill top and brought -gorelku top until golden brown.
She poured fragrant tea, lemon added. And this turned out tea party peace that dinner and I did not, that was enough.
Many recipes suggest adding dietary sweetener. But, firstly, it is still bad for the body. And secondly, it does not taste good. Anyway sugar should be in the diet, although a small amount. If you like sweeter, add 3 tbsp Sahara. You can put some into sufleshki — a berry.

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