Cupcake «Day and Night»


yaytso- 4 pcs.
creamy oil- 100g.
muka- Article 1.5.
vanilla 1 tsp
razryhlitel- 1.5 tsp
150 grams of sugar.
cocoa poroshok- 2 tbsp

For the glaze:
Dairy shokolad- 150-200 gr.
3-4 tbsp butter oil-


1. Prepare the biscuit dough. To this end, the softened butter with sugar. One to drive the eggs, beaten. Enter vanilla, baking powder and sifted flour. Knead a homogeneous mass. (Test thickish)
2. The resulting dough is divided into two equal parts, one of which is to add cocoa powder and beat (stir) until dissolved.
3. in a greased baking dish pour both types of dough in succession, layers. Put the form in a preheated 180 ° oven for 25-30 minutes.
4. In a water bath to melt the chocolate with the butter and stir until smooth. Ready cake to cool, pour the glaze and leave on the grid (on the plate) before curing. Serve the cake cut into portions and garnish with a leaf of mint.

Cupcake Day and Night

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