Jelly cake kiwi and cream

400 g shortbread
150 g butter
I jelly:
2 pack. Groceries jelly with kiwi flavor
2 kiwi
Gelatin 25 g
Jelly II:
750 g sour cream
500ml milk
Gelatin 35 g
Sugar 200 g

1. Biscuits I turned into crumbs using a blender.
2. Butter melted, cool and added to the liver. Knead the dough. It turned out quite crumbly, but wet.
3. Cover the baking dish with cling film. At the bottom I put the dough and spread it over the entire surface, pressing down well. Then I put in the fridge.
4. Packaged jelly spread on instructions, has filled in a vessel, which is shaped like a form for baking, but it was less and less by volume. She put in the fridge to harden.
5. After a while, he adds chopped kiwi slices. That this was my mistake. It turns kiwi and pineapple can not add fresh jelly, because they neutralize the action of gelatin.
6. During the night it was not frozen, but I’m not desperate, melt over low heat. Meanwhile, an additional gelatin has dissolved in hot water and added to the syrup with kiwi. She put back in the refrigerator.

7. The move worked, and after 4 hours of jelly was ready.
8. The bowl held it a little hot water and jelly easily moved away from the cruets. Form for the cake covered on the top and turned, that’s how it turned out in the middle.
9. Next, the milk brought almost to a boil and flooded them gelatin. Thoroughly stir until dissolved and let him cool down.
10. Sour cream whipped with sugar with a mixer until sugar is dissolved. In the process of adding vanilla. During cooking, try the cream, it should be sweet, since later to add freshwater milk.
11. Not turning off the mixer trickle added milk with gelatin. This is done to ensure that there were no lumps and gelatin is not immediately grasped by the cold cream.
12. The mixture was poured carefully into space in the form and put in the fridge for another hour.
13. That was enough time to get to grips. Carefully she removed the bumpers and plastic wrap. The weight of the finished cake about 2 ½ — 3 kg.

Jelly cake kiwi and cream

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