Lazy chops chicken breast

We need:
-Kurinaya Breast (can be directly 2)
-Yaytsa — 1 or 2 depending on the meat.
-Smetana- Article 2.3. spoons,
Mans cereals — Article 2.3. spoons,
-Bolgarsky Pepper — 1
Butyric frying.

For the preparation of meat dishes you must:
1. Cut the breast into small pieces (squares)
2. Take a large capacity to shift the meat.
3. Add the egg, salt, semolina, sour cream, chopped bell pepper.
4. All thoroughly mixed.
5. We send our billet in the refrigerator. You can fry and immediately, but if the meat could stand a couple of hours and soaked, it will turn out extremely gentle.
In the morning, be sure to remain still, you can cook for breakfast, put on a roll, if you collect her husband lunch, will be very useful.

Lazy chops chicken breast

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