Pancake with cream


Egg 3 pc., Cream 10% 500 ml, 300 g flour, 6 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, vanilla if desired

Beat eggs well with sugar, salt and vanilla.
Add the cream, once again shake up.
Pour the flour mixed with baking powder, stir the dough whisk.
Preheat a frying pan on the stove (do not add oil!) And bake Pancake. The dough is poured in small portions need to Pancake were 10-12 cm in diameter, no more

Serve with maple syrup, honey, jam, whipped cream, berries, fruit — to your taste.

Enjoy a leisurely and your tea! ))


Czech Panadel

For the broth:
Meat and bone beef (I have a good piece of beef brisket) — 750 grams (500 grams of meat and 250 grams of bones)
Bay leaf — 2-3 pc.
Black pepper peas — 6-8 pcs.
Onions largest crude — 0.5 pc.
small carrots — 1 pc.
Celery root — 1 piece
(You can even add a bit of parsley root)

For the pancakes:
Milk — 0.5 cups
Eggs — 1 pc.
Flour — 3 tbsp. spoons
Salt — 1 pinch
Butter — 30 g

Preparation: Pour the meat 2l of water a boil, remove the foam and cook for an hour to put 2.5-3chasa.Cherez crude onion, roots, bay leaf, allspice, peas, beam zeleni.Gotovoe meat must keep up with the bones, and strong soup and pancakes prozrachnym.Gotovye roll ruletikami.Gotovoe meat cut into pieces, put in a bowl, pour the broth, put it in his pancakes, sprinkle with herbs, the soup is served hot.


Salad Czech Republic

red kidney beans, canned in own juice 1 jar.
canned mushrooms 1banka.
boiled chicken 200-300gramm.
2-3golovki onions.
fresh tomatoes 2-3sht.

For the filling:
soy sauce to taste.
olive oil to taste.
Onions cut into half rings and marinate in vinegar for 1 hour. Then all the ingredients are cut into strips and mix with the onion and season with soy sauce and olive oil. Very tasty and unusual salad.


Kissel chocolate

For 4 servings jelly need:

— chocolate (90-100 g) milk, cream or dark, your internals;
-2.5 Milk cup (250 ml.) + 0.5 cups;
-50-80 G of sugar (to your taste);
-3 Tsp with great gorochkoy potato starch;
-slivki 335 for whipping (I used from the spray).

dissolve the starch so that no lumps in 0.5 cups of cold milk.

2.5 cups of milk to boil with sugar and chocolate, broken into pieces, stirring constantly.

A thin stream to enter the milk and starch mixture and boil once more.

Arrange for the ice-cream bowls and cool.
Serve with whipped cream


Salad with brine

Potatoes 6 pcs., Carrots, 6 pcs., Beet 3 pcs., Green peas 1 ban., Pickled cucumber 5 pc., Onions 1 piece., Green onions 100 g, 240 g of herring fillets, mayonnaise, Egg 4 pcs., Salt

Potatoes, carrots, beets wash and boil, cool and cut into cubes. I have cooked peeled and diced vegetables steamed in a multi.
Boil eggs. All cool.

Pickled cucumbers, onions and herring and cut into cubes.
Place the bowl in layers: potatoes, carrots, beets. Because of my way of cooking the layers a little mixed up, but the taste is not affected))
Coat the beetroot with mayonnaise.

Next put a layer of cucumbers, they — green peas, then onions.
On onion layer of herring with mayonnaise, and top grate eggs.
Sprinkle salad with chopped green onions and half an hour to stand up


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