Pie frozen strawberries


Butter — 150 g of room temperature
Strawberry — 150 g frozen
Almonds — 100 g
Sugar — 120 g
Corn starch — 2 tbsp
Eggs — 2 pcs. room temperature
Baking powder — 1 tsp
Salt — 1 pinch (s)
Essence — 2 drop (s) (almond, optional)
Powdered sugar — to taste
Butter — 1 tsp
Rusk bread — 1 tsp
Wheat flour — 120 g

I always start with almonds as strawberries can be thawed in the microwave in just a few minutes.
Almonds I shift into a saucepan, pour boiling water (parallel to the boil kettle) and leave on heat for about a minute. All that you need to remove skins from the nuts. Generally, it is believed, anywhere written that nuts are filled with boiling water, then give them a little stand, the water is drained and the skin of brushes. But! Empirically it observed that it is better to leave them for a short while on the fire, and then they really «jump out» of the skin.
So, our minute boiling over. Fold the nuts in a colander and clean them from the skin.

Next, we need them to dry. To do this, just place the frying pan into the fire, heat, make a minimum heat and add the peeled nuts. Dry for 10-15 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally, thus turning the nuts.
Of course, all this can be done in the oven, but because of a couple of handfuls of nuts, I just will not include it.
Do not fry them, namely dry, nuts should remain white, for example a little cream.

Naturally, the question arises: is it possible to do without this tedious procedure of purification and drying? Yes, you can. This cake will turn out the same delicious, but not as bright, and slightly coarser in taste. You can be done in two ways, compare and write your personal opinion :)

Now strawberries. You can defrost it in advance. But as almost every house you can find a microwave oven, then a defrost can not worry — this machine will do everything for a couple of minutes. Fold it in a colander literally a minute — let drain excess fluid. Mix the berries with a tablespoon of sugar.

I have my own home strawberry, frozen since the summer. I’m always a little smaller it, because often I have it large, lightly sprinkled with sugar (in pounds some two tablespoons of sugar), and after the freeze. Therefore, I have it already sweetish after thawing. If you take to shop or simply sweetening before freezing, add to it a couple of spoons of sugar and mix.

But now the dough.
Eggs — each weighing about 65-68 grams.
The ingredients written as butter, and eggs should be at room temperature. So choose them well before cooking. I always choose the evening and the morning cook. Of course, the desire to cook may be very sudden. In this case I put the eggs in warm water, and the oil very carefully I heat in the microwave. There needs skill, practice and care, because the oil does not begin to melt. Therefore, all the same it is better to choose in advance.

In a bowl, a good — a couple of minutes — Beat the butter with the sugar (it is better if it is small or even simply powdered sugar). Then add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each approximately one minute.

Flour, starch (potato can be replaced) and sieved baking powder and added to the oil. There also a couple of drops of almond essence, a pinch of salt and mix all the mixer on low speed, just a few seconds, without fanaticism.

In a blender rather finely ground almonds in a bowl and add to the rest. Again, we mix all at minimum speed. The dough is ready. It turns out not liquid, but rather plotnovata.

Turn oven to heat up in advance. 180 degrees. I always split molds for baking — 20 centimeters in diameter. Bottom necessarily blanketed with baking paper and grease the sides with butter (1 teaspoon) and sprinkled finely ground breadcrumbs.
Select the dough into the mold and gently flatten it.

It remains evenly on the surface of the dough, spread our strawberries. In summer, during the season, I like to add more pieces of rhubarb. It is currently possible to all top sprinkle almond leaves, I just did not have on hand.

All put in preheated oven about 30-40 minutes. Of course, always baking time depends on your oven. In a gas, «the old lady» this pie, I always kept at least 45 minutes. So here it is, see for yourself and try on a dry wooden stick … but not earlier than half an hour, that’s for sure.

Pie frozen strawberries

Butter Jelly with strawberries

Butter Jelly with strawberries

Ingredients: sour cream — 500 g, water — 0.5 stack, gelatin Dr.. Oetker — 1 pack powdered sugar -. To taste, strawberry — to taste (if frozen, thawed and then advance to drain the juice), jelly cake — 1 pkg.


0.5 sachet dissolve in room temperature water glass and leave for 10 minutes.

At this time, stir the sour cream with the powdered sugar. Do a little bit sweeter than you need, then the finished jelly will have the perfect taste.
The swollen gelatin warm to dissolve (I do it in the microwave) and mix with sour cream.
Pour into a mass of ice-cream bowls and put into the refrigerator.

Jelly cake (I’m using transparent) to cook according to the instructions.

Time to get strawberries. Slice the fresh or thawed berries cubes. The berries from the freezer better cut when they are still not completely moved away, then they are more resilient and well keep their shape.
By thawed berries, it is desirable to add a little powdered sugar, as they are more acidic than fresh.
The juice from the berries can be poured, and you can add water to make jelly cake.

Remove the sour cream jelly from the refrigerator, it is a little grabs at the time.
On top of it lay cubes and strawberries with the help of a teaspoon of jelly to cover fruit cake.
Remove ice-cream bowls in the refrigerator until complete solidification.

Bon Appetit! ))

Cottage cheese souffle

Cottage cheese souffle

need for a souffle:
-350 Gr. fat-free yogurt;
-150 Gr. 9-12% fat cottage cheese;
-3 Tablespoons rolled oats (oatmeal or finished);
-2 Tsp corn starch;
-2 eggs;
1.5 tablespoons Sahara;
-a pinch of salt;
-apelsinovaya or lemon peel (optional).

1. Oatmeal grind into flour.
2. Low-fat and fat cottage cheese thoroughly. I tried to cook a souffle and a cheesecake and simply skim cottage cheese, but the taste is not very. By itself, the curd is rich in protein, very tasty and healthy. But it does not melt during baking, as bold, some watery becomes unpalatable. So I come to this option, which did not disappoint.
3. To pour the flour cottage cheese and all other products: eggs, sugar, starch, salt, vanilla. Thoroughly beat with a mixer. In fact, you can simply mix with a fork, will anyway tasty. But if a little beat up, you get more air mass.
4. Silicone molds for cakes or cookies rinse water. Put cottage cheese weight, smooth. Place in preheated oven and bake at 160-170 degrees until browning. I souffle bake 25 minutes, then I turned on the grill top and brought -gorelku top until golden brown.
She poured fragrant tea, lemon added. And this turned out tea party peace that dinner and I did not, that was enough.
Many recipes suggest adding dietary sweetener. But, firstly, it is still bad for the body. And secondly, it does not taste good. Anyway sugar should be in the diet, although a small amount. If you like sweeter, add 3 tbsp Sahara. You can put some into sufleshki — a berry.

Coffee and chocolate ice cream

Coffee and chocolate ice cream

• egg yolk — 3 pieces
• Brown sugar can be normal white (120g syrup, 70g in the glaze) — 190 g
• The cream (fat content of not less than 33%, 200g in cream, 50g icing in) — 250 g
• Instant coffee -. 3 tsp.
• Cocoa powder (10g in ice cream, 20g icing at) — 30 g
• Gelatin (sheets) — 5 g

• Water (50g syrup, glaze 60g, 10g coffee) — 120 g
• Almonds (chopped) — 25 g

Prepare coffee filler. Take 10g of hot boiled water (better — boiled coffee) and interfere with 3 teaspoons of instant coffee.

Beat the egg yolks with a mixer until light and fluffy state.
Pour 120g of sugar in a saucepan, add 50g of water and boil until the syrup sample to «ball» (check the drop in a glass of cold water).
A thin stream pour the hot syrup into the beaten egg yolks. Liem under running mixer beaters! Without stopping, stir the mixture to cool down!
Postpone 1/3 mixture in a separate container and add to it 10 g of cocoa powder. Mix until smooth.
The remaining 2/3 of the mixture interferes with coffee.

Beat well chilled cream.
1/3 of the cream gently intervenes in syrup with cacao. 2/3 of the cream as well carefully with a spoon, to intervene in the coffee syrup.
We spread the coffee and chocolate ice cream in the ice-cream bowls, shape or container, alternating layers to your liking, and send in the freezer for 3-4 hours (or overnight)
In general, after freezing, the ice cream is quite ready for consumption.

Apple mousse «Breath of autumn»

Apple mousse Breath of autumn

For the mousse, we need:
-600 G of apples (about 6-7 pieces);
1/2 cup sugar (glass of 200 grams);
-2 Glasses of water;
-2 Tablespoons gelatin;
0.5 cups of cold boiled water;
-3-4 Sprigs of mint;

-10-15 Cherry berries (20-25 berries of black currant).

Mousse is prepared very quickly, and eaten immediately, having only just podzastyt.

1. Apples my carefully. With a sharp knife remove a thin rind.

2. 0.5 glass of cold boiled water soaked gelatine. While we engage in further preparation, it swells. I have it took about 15 minutes If you are afraid that this time is short — first soak the gelatin, and then proceed to the next steps.

3. 2 cups of water bring to a boil, pour to sugar, stir. We throw the peel of apples and mint sprigs, pre tearing them beautiful crown. Boil this kompotik 5-7 minutes.

Strain through a sieve. The resulting broth lay swollen gelatin and heat on low heat until gelatin is completely dissolved. Do not boil! If you can — Remove the street or on the balcony to cool rapidly, if not, then let cool down the room.

5. grated apples and slightly cooled gelatin solution is put into a container for whipping. Blender whisk until smooth.

4. Treated apples to three on a large grater.

If the mousse is two-tone, before grinding mass, it should be divided into 2 parts. In one of these add berries. I used thawed cherries. If blender is not present, this step can be skipped. But then it turns mousse with apple pieces, not so delicate and airy.

6. Now all this mass, beat with a mixer at high speed for 10 minutes. From this mousse sated air, and will look like a gentle cloud.

7. In kremanki decompose weight for mousse on a «Zebra» — in the middle, pour 1 tbsp pink mass, then 1 tablespoon white mass. And so on until the desired volume.

8. Put in the fridge to solidify. Depending on the gelatin dessert is ready in 40 minutes, a maximum of 1.5 hours.

That’s all. Delicate mousse «Autumn Breath» is ready. If you cook it in the summer, you name mousse «Summer chill». After heavy feasts or on hot summer days, as well as those who are watching their figures, and even small children — this dessert fits perfectly.

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