Pesto of garlic

Pesto of garlic


Ramson 500 g
Pine nuts (walnuts can be replaced) 3 tbsp. l.
3 tablespoons Parmesan. l. with slide
Olive oil 150 ml

Salt to taste 1 h. L.
Black pepper 0.5 hours. L.


Ramson wash properly dried. It should be dry, otherwise the sauce will be stored for a long time.
Grind the wild garlic and pine nuts using a meat grinder with a fine grid or blender.
Parmesan to grate on a fine grater and add to green nuts.
All the mix, add salt and pepper, pour the OM.
Fold the ground in a jar, a little trample and pour olive oil on top of a layer of 1 cm, to avoid access of air, otherwise the sauce will begin to deteriorate.

Pesto is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for a month, provided that it is covered with a layer of oil, so after each use do not forget to add OM in a jar.

Now, how this sauce can be used:
— Submit to the finished meat or poultry
— Add to the marinated mushrooms
— Season with boiled beans
— Add to the spaghetti
— To fish
— Delicious with boiled or baked potatoes
— With fresh vegetables
— With cheese, such as mozzarella or Adyghe
— Simply with bread is also delicious

Bon Appetit!

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