Pie «Air Kiss»


1. For the dough:
condensed milk — 1 bank;
eggs — 2 pieces;
flour — 1 cup;
soda — 1 teaspoon without slides;
vinegar to extinguish.
2. For the cream:
sour cream — 1 cup;
powdered sugar or granulated sugar — 1 cup.
3. To decorate:
nuts (any) — 1 cup;
Chocolate — 50-100 grams.

It is important to carefully observe all this cake recipe is easy and delicious details. The correct proportion and preparation technology will ensure you enjoy the taste of a light cake.

Egg whisk with condensed milk, add the flour and baking soda hydrated, knead. Divide into 5-6 pieces. Roll out the cakes. Each cake spread on a cold pan, which is greased with margarine. The thickness of the finished cake should not be more than 1 centimeter. It is better to be patient and bake cakes for 1 more than the Cookie Monster will be thicker. Then it is not completely saturated. And it will reduce its wonderful taste.

Sour cream with powdered sugar or well-whipped cream — we get. Ready-made cakes are still hot sprinkle with nuts. And then we wait, cool. In winter, the fall can be put biscuits on the windowsill (if enough of its width). Cooled grease cream biscuits, laying on top of each other. If the cream was, daubed the sides.

Chocolate rub on a small grater and sprinkle the finished cake. Boca also sprinkle chocolate. And on the upper flat shortcake, you can make a drawing. Cut paper in pattern (optional — the heart, figurines, fruit, star), one or more. Holding the paper with carved patterns on the surface of the cake and sprinkle with a little powdered sugar through a «hole.»
Cake Decorating «air kiss» you can at its discretion. The main thing is to comply with the recipe for this cake, a simple and delicious, to the delight of you and your home.

Pie Air Kiss

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