Pie «Makovnik»

Pie Makovnik

The dough can take any yeast, although of course, preferable to butter … all relish in the pouring Wink:

1 cup of poppy, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup cream (the fatter, so tasty), 3/4 cup vody.Stakan took 200 ml.
Mack steamed with boiling water at night, the morning mixed with sugar and slivkami.Slivki not beating!
To cut the dough into small balls (I’ve done a little less of a walnut), to give a little rasstoyatsya and bake on a baking sheet round buns.

Ready-mix bun with poppy-cream mixture and fold gorkoy.Sverhu sprinkle with chocolate chips, leave for 3-4 hours.
My notes: poppy better to soak pass through the grinder, turn your nezhnee.Ya boil in sugar syrup, and it’s still very much be felt krupinki.Eto, of course, can still be attributed to the quality of the poppy, but anyway, the next time I will do with ground …
Balls carve better even smaller — about a quail egg, then will be more convenient to eat, and it is better to lay on the cake.
I designed the cake as follows: round cup (large) Shots cling film; muffin-balls dipped in cream and poppy mixture and spread in formu.Bulochek made full rectangular baking sheet (25×35), filling almost all gone … Remains poured on top, covering film and put on top of a flat plate with a small load (just to fix the pressure), sent in the refrigerator overnight

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