Salad of courgettes


Courgettes — 3 kg
sweet pepper — 4 pcs.
hot peppers — 1 units.
Garlic — 3 heads.


vegetable oil — 1 cup,
sugar — 0.5 cups,
salt — 2 tbsp,
Tomato pasta / sauce not, namely a thick paste / — 0, 5 liters,
water — 1 cup,
vinegar 9% — 0,5stakana.

Prepare the zucchini. Delete it from the top of the skin, choose seeds. Planed chips zucchini / squash this same chip is also designed to mimic acute Teschin language /. To ease the problem, you can to «planing» use a food processor.

Peppers and sweet, and bitter to wash, remove seeds, cut into large.

Chop the peppers into or pass through.

When working with hot pepper, be careful, use gloves, otherwise you can easily get burned. Prepare the marinade. To do this, you can mix directly to the pan in which to boil our salad. tomato paste, water, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, add chopped peppers. Boil the marinade.

Pour prepared our «tongues» in the pan with the marinade. Gently stir — planed courgettes must be covered with the marinade.

During cooking zucchini «settle», so do not be afraid of an impressive amount of planed zucchini. Put salad stew on low heat for 40 minutes. Occasionally our «language» should stir. 5 minutes before end of cooking add the chopped garlic in a salad.

After the end of cooking pour in vinegar zucchini, stir.

Please note, vinegar and garlic should not be exposed to prolonged heat, so they need to be added at the end. Ready zucchini in the salad should be transparent. Prepare jars. It is convenient to sterilize jars use the microwave — put back the washed and dried by the banks at the maximum power for 2 minutes. Sterilized in the microwave banks should be hot and dry.

Boil a few minutes, which banks will be closed. Arrange hot «Teschin language» on the prepared jars, roll or twist caps.

Keep this salad is better in a cool place.
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Salad of courgettes

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