Salad with mushrooms Mushroom clearing

What do you need:
Pickled mushrooms (mushrooms) = 1 jar
Carrots (boiled) = 2 pcs.
Marinated Cucumbers = 3 pcs.
Breast of chicken (boiled) 1 pc.
= 200 g Cheese
Boiled Eggs = 4 pcs.
Boiled potatoes = 4 pcs.
Greens (onions, parsley, dill)


Carrots decoction and rub on a coarse grater then, pickles we shall cut thin slices, boiled bacon melenko we shall cut, cheese, sodium and boiled eggs grate. We shall cut greens melenko.
Salad bowl or pan smazhem vegetable oil, will cover with cling film to the edges hanging over the salad. Then stacked tightly in layers in the following sequence:
Mushrooms — green — carrots — cucumbers — kur.grudka — cheese — eggs — potatoes.
Layers 1 and 2 are not lubricated with mayonnaise, then subsequent layers of grease. Salad send in the refrigerator overnight. And in the morning we pull out a bowl or pan and carefully turn over spread on a dish, pulling the edges of the film. The side edges of lettuce obsyplem herbs or grated cheese.

Salad with mushrooms Mushroom clearing

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