stuffed chicken

stuffed chicken

Stuffed chicken always gives me a special delight. It seemed that remove the skin from chicken — it’s aerobatics. But to do this once, I was convinced that it simply and quickly. What would «undress» the chicken I spent 5 minutes. But as visitors are surprised when they realize that the chicken with the «secret»

Choose chicken without skin lesions. Home chicken does not fit, it is very skin tight to the meat. Wash and dry cloth. Put it on your back. Cropped fat.
Gently lift the skin over the breast and separate the meat from her with a knife. This is done very easily.
Gently breaks the chicken legs to separate the thigh from the leg. Do it gently, that would not damage the skin.
Overturn the chicken and cut off her ponytail.
As with breast with a knife, separate the skin from the back.
Pererezayem tendons in the legs to separate the bones in the joint.
We continue to «undress chicken», as if we do not remove the skin, and a T-shirt.
Gently breaks the bones to separate the wings. Pererezayem scissors tendon. I deliberately leave the legs and wings, then zafarshirovannaya chicken looks very realistic. Remove the skin from the neck

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