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Curd glazed with chocolate

COOKING Melt the chocolate (100 g) on ​​a steam bath. Brush grease silicone mold chocolate and place in the freezer for 5 minutes. Then again, fluff and chocolate again for 5 minutes in the freezer. A layer of chocolate is better to make thicker — then well-removed from the mold. I made in the form […]

Jelly oranges

So my apelsiny.Razrezaem orange in half crosswise, remove the slices, it is difficult indeed if there is no special equipment. I do not have, so I’m careful not to damage the peel, cut out the middle, and then literally rip the film from slices of orange, gradually prilovchilis. Dilute jelly by following the instructions on […]

Cake dessert Broken glass

It is very simple. I took 4 bags, made of jelly prescription on the packaging. Only when each package had to be diluted in 0.5 liters of water, and I bred in 0.25. Jelly frozen for 2 hours — pulled him out of the molds and cut into cubes. Pre-whipped cream 400g (15%) with 0.5 […]

Italian dessert Zukotto

Cookies «Savoyardy» sbryznuli liqueur «Baileys» white cream — cream cheese mascarpone + + + orange peel orange slices + sugar, brown — cream + mascarpone cheese + melted chocolate + sugar. To do so: a bowl Shots film packed cookies on the bottom and on the sides, laid white cream, then a layer of biscuits, […]

Cheesecakes in the oven

500 g of cottage cheese (take shoplifter 9%) Article 8. l. semolina 3 tbsp. l. flour 4 tbsp. l. Sahara 3 tbsp. l. sour cream 4 eggs 1 g vanillin Mix all ingredients and beat with a mixer. The dough should resemble a thick cream. The form of grease with vegetable oil and spread one […]

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