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Egg salad

Ingredients: 6 hard-boiled eggs, 1 medium cucumber, 1 onion, salad, 1 salad beam For the filling: 120 g of yogurt, 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp lemon juice, salt, ground black pepper Salad wash and dry, then break into pieces. Eggs coarsely chop. Cucumber peel and seeds and cut into cubes. Onions cut into thin rings. […]

Swedish Summer Salad

Ingredients: Potatoes in their jackets 4 pcs. 1 small cucumber Egg 2 pc. Red caviar 2 tbsp. l. Smetana 4 tbsp. l. (If you use sour cream 30-42%, the cheese can not be added) Ricotta (or any cheese / cream cheese) 4 tbsp. l. Dill Green onion Salt to taste Black pepper to taste Lemon […]

Salad Pomegranate flower

3 boiled potatoes, 2 fresh carrots, 5 cloves of garlic, 200 grams of cop sausages, 4 eggs, 150 grams of cheese, 1 grenade, chips. All cut and lay out the layers: -boiled potatoes -tёrtaya fresh carrots + + garlic mayonnaise -kopchёnaya sausage -varёnye eggs -tёrty cheese with garlic mayonnaise + All layers of fluff mayonnaise. […]

Chicken salad with orange

Chicken meat 250g Orange-2 pcs Cucumber fresh medium 1 pc Mayonnaise 50g Salt. I added the cheese and have not regretted. It turned out gently, and delicious. All products took in half, as the two of us, one orange cost) Boil chicken. I boiled all the rules: a Lavrushka, pepper, spices, in salted water. Cool. […]

Salad with broccoli, chicken and cheese

«Ingredients for» Salad with broccoli, chicken and cheese «: The mixture peppers (to taste) Mustard (Russian, for the sauce) — 0.5-1 tsp.. Soy sauce (sauce) — 1-2 tsp.. Sour cream (for the sauce) — 100 g Green onions (for decoration) White cheese — 150 g Broccoli (frozen) — 300 g Chicken breast (boiled) — 1 […]

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