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Salad Temptation Gourmet

Chicken liver 100 g Oyster -50 g Mixed salad leaves -50 g Cherry 2 pcs. For the sauce 4 servings: Mayonnaise-4 tbsp Browned onion 1 medium onion (to brown, and drain all the oil, cool) garlic 1 clove First, prepare the sauce. Combining all the ingredients mix in a blender until a smooth massy.Sous ready. […]

Salad Rhapsody

All products are stacked in layers. 1 layer — boiled chicken (I used Lyalkinu pastormu), mayonnaise; 2 layer — mushrooms (mushrooms from a can, but you can take and the forest, the taste is not spoiled), fried in vegetable oil with onions; 3 layer — a sour-sweet apple, grated on a large grater; 4 layer […]

salad straight from the tin

The amount and composition of ingredients: Potatoes — 2 pcs. (average) Ham (you can replace the doctoral sausage) — 50g Fresh cucumber — 1 piece. (average) Egg — 2 pcs. Cheese — 100 gr. Mayonnaise bit Description of the preparation process: 1. Cook the potatoes (add salt when cooking) and eggs 2. Grate potatoes on […]

Warm salad burger

Ingredients: Garlic — 1 tooth. Black pepper Salt Mustard — 1 tsp (Preferably French) Apple vinegar, or wine — 1-2 tbsp. l. Olive oil — 6 tablespoons Eggs — 1-2 pieces. Hamburger buns — 1 pc. (I have a piece of baguette) Red Onion — 1 pc. Lettuce leaf — 2 handfuls. Pickled cucumber — […]

Salad Home Romance

The amount and composition of ingredients: — 1 tomato, 1 cucumber 7 cm in length (or half of length of the cucumber), 2 medium-sized radishes (5 cm in diameter), 4 slices of cooked sausage (diameter of about 12 cm) — 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (can substitute wine or grape, or 0.5 tablespoons usual 9%), […]

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