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Swedish meatballs

Ingredients: 600g minced meat (beef or mixed), 1 cup milk, 0.5 cups breadcrumbs, 1 onion, 1 egg, salt to taste, black pepper to taste Rusk pour the milk and let swell. Onions finely chop and sauté. In the beef add the salt, pepper, soaked breadcrumbs, fried onions and a little beaten egg. If you cook […]

Chicken liver in Italian

All the products take on the eye. I will write only about. -pecheni I had 800 grams, -1 Large onion (my son is not very fan of onions, so I had a little shoe, but I feel it is direct, as it would be delicious when many onions) — 100 g of 10% cream, but […]

stuffed chicken

Stuffed chicken always gives me a special delight. It seemed that remove the skin from chicken — it’s aerobatics. But to do this once, I was convinced that it simply and quickly. What would «undress» the chicken I spent 5 minutes. But as visitors are surprised when they realize that the chicken with the «secret» […]

Salad Roman Holiday

Boil 2 cups (approximately) pasta, bows slightly fill with vegetable oil is odorless, cook about 100g green beans (I have a freeze), cut into slices about 2 cm. 4 small carrots and cook, too, cut into pieces about 2 cm, and then julienne. Add 10 olives, pitted, cutting rings, and a jar of tuna. Fill […]

Salad Christmas wreath

Ingredients: eggs, crab sticks, cheese, prunes, walnuts, mayonnaise In the center of the flat plate is placed a glass, the layers are laid out around it (and then remove the glass). 1st layer: 3 eggs on a coarse grater 2nd layer: 10 pieces of crab sticks cut into circles 3rd layer: cheese grate 4th layer: […]

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