Three chocolate cake

You will need for the biscuit:
— 2 pcs
-Sahar — 1/3 stack.
-Muka — 2/3 stack.
-Kakao Powder — 1 tbsp. l.
-Razryhlitel Test — 1 tsp..
-Vanilin — 1 tsp
-Liker Treatement cream biscuit — 50 ml
For the chocolate mousse:
-Shokolad Black — 200 g
-Shokolad Milk — 200 g
-Shokolad White (white chocolate mousse — 200 g icing — 100 g) — 300 g
Butyric butter (mousses on 30 g icing on — 50 g) — 140 g
-Slivki (For whipping, mousses on 200 ml of gelatine — 50 ml; glaze — 50 ml) — 700 ml
-Liker Creamy — at mousses 50 ml — 150 ml (can be omitted)
-Zhelatin Crystalline mousse — 8 grams — 24 grams

Preparation of biscuit:
1.Yaytsa Whip with sugar in a lush lather.
2.Vmeshat vanilla, flour, baking powder and cocoa.
3.Poluchivsheesya thickish, bad current batter is poured into molds, previously greased and floured. The form must be on the future size of the cake.
4. Bake at 200-220 degrees about 15 minutes.
Ready cake pull out from the mold, cool and cut it from the cake with a diameter of 2 cm less than the form. Impregnated with liquor.
5. The bottom of the mold lined with baking paper, and a side rigid film (can be rolled up for this termosalfetku plastic). The height of the film should be slightly greater than the height of the form.
In the middle of the form put the cake and put it all in the freezer. This will speed up the hardening of the mousse in the future.

If you long to mess with baking biscuit do not want to, there is an alternative: Take the biscuit base for the cake — 150 g, walnuts — 20 g pine nuts — 20 g of cocoa — 20 g, 50 ml of liquor. Biscuit rub on a coarse grater, add the crushed nuts, amaretto, cocoa mix. The form of grease with butter and laid the parchment. Biscuit laid in the form of a uniform layer.

Preparation of chocolate layers:
1. Gelatin cold cream (approximately 50 ml) and split into three parts.
2. 600 ml of cold cream to whip up «strong peaks», divided into three parts and put into the refrigerator.
3. Dark chocolate broken into pieces and melt 30 g butter with continuous stirring, without boiling. Pour the liqueur and mix into a homogeneous chocolate mass. All cool and mix with whipped cream.
4. We get out of the freezer with Korzh shape and pour the mousse over it, trying to evenly fill the gap between the rim and Korzh. Again, remove the freezer. Each layer set in the refrigerator (freezer) for 20 minutes.
5. By the same principle do a layer of milk, and then the white chocolate.
6. To prepare the glaze warm the cream to a boil with the butter. Add white chocolate and heat until completely melted.
7. The finished glaze to cover the top of the cake, spreading it evenly over the entire surface of the cake. It should be noted that, after cooling the glaze does not harden, which is very handy when cutting the cake. All this once again put in the freezer — you can leave at night.
8. Ready decorate cream cake, chocolate, powdered sugar or fruit.

Three chocolate cake

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