-vegetable oil

Take — wings — 30 pieces (because they themselves will eat and there will be no one so much).
Washed, dried on a napkin. All … no salt no pepper is not necessary … In general, I do not need anything …
Now the most important thing — take any ketchup on your taste, add to the salt, pepper, garlic, too … for your taste, stir everything in a bowl.
Now the process:
Take a kettle, or who have a deep fryer, heat the oil up to the hoo …. and gently roll the wings in it, just not all at once, but several. When they are well flushed, but not pererumyanyatsya, we take out and put on a 2 min. the sauce, which is already waiting for the wings. then pull out and fold on a beautiful platter. And so it turns … Then all friendly family (or friends) with a glass of cold beer and delicious absorb all wings … (I think I wrote 30 wings? … I do not … take 50 pieces! I will come to you try !!!!


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